Think plaid pencil skirts, well-fitted tailored trousers and fancy silk blouses. With corporate attire dominating our everyday wardrobes, figuring out what to wear to work every morning continues to be a daunting task. Especially in an era where job specifications and work environments are evolving into increasingly unconventional spaces, ensuring that your wardrobe complements your role is an absolute priority.

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Depending on the organisation you work for and the conformist quotient of the office dress code, there might be different elements that are considered suitable. All the same, there are a few general rules of thumb that tend to work in most cases. To ensure that you adhere to the corporate culture, it is advisable to opt for an understated and sophisticated style statement.

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For your wardrobe selections, choosing a flattering silhouette in a palette dotted with neutral hues and darker textures, often accented with a statement colour, is an ideal amalgamation of stylish chic and discreet glamour.

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For a fresh, elegantly appropriate spin on 9 to 5 dressing, it is imperative to pair your wardrobe selection with a comfortable yet trendy pair of heels or flats. Opting for the colour black in a range of different styles ensures that you can pair your selection with multiple different outfits, while still allowing your colleagues to sit up and take notice!

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These styles from Heel & Buckle’s selection – perennially bankable black, with sophisticated ladder-climbing accessories to match – will help you add that extra element of oomph to your corporate attire.