The Different Types Of Heels And How To Wear Them

Written by Chandni GhoshSep 26, 2018
You have to agree that if there’s something that can instantly glam your appearance up, it is a pair of heels. But if you’re a sucker for all things stylish like us, you ought to know that there’s a dictionary to heels—every heel has a name and there’s so much you can choose from. Here’s a low-down…

Ankle strap heels

Kitten heels

If you are rather uncomfortable wearing your regular heels, ankle strap heels can be a comfy bet. This is because these heels have a strap that’s cinched at your ankle so walking in them becomes much simpler. Moreover, if you’re conscious of your legs, wear thin ankle straps that’ll make you look taller but if you have overtly skinny legs, go for wider straps.

How to wear them: Go all sexy by teaming these with a mini skirt and tucked in shirt. Your gams are going to be the centre of attention!


Cone heels

Kitten heels

These are basically wider at the sole and narrow at the base. As the name suggests it’s almost like an icecream cone on your heel! The good news here is that because the heel is thicker, it gives your foot more relief compared to other heels.

How to wear them: These are basically a twist to your regular pumps so you can pull them off with any casual look but if you truly want your cone heels to get attention wear it with a skater dress.


Peep toes

Kitten heels

Peep toe heels are available in various shapes and sizes but they’re basically open at the toes and the heels can be small or sky high.

How to wear them: You can wear them to work with well-fitted trousers but make sure your toenails are painted in a fun colour for that extra dose of drama.



Kitten heels

These heels have a strap that goes at the back on the heel so it doesn’t cinch your entire ankle like an ankle strap heels but just the back. So if you have an issue with your regular pumps, these straps can serve as some amount of support.

How to wear them: Wear them with a pair of boyfriend jeans but make sure you roll them up just a little so the slingbacks are visible.



Kitten heels

Most of us would agree that if there’s a comfortable pair of heels, they are wedges. Precisely why these are the kind of shoes every woman should own. By and large, you will find two types of wedges i.e. wedge heels and wedge sandals. The heels aren’t separated from the heel to the sole while the sandals have more open space on the upper side.

How to wear them: Since they’re so comfy, you can even wear them with a shift dress for a casual bar night with friends.


Kitten heels

Kitten heels

If you don’t want sky high heels yet wish to have a hint of heels that will lend you height, go for kitten heels. These are short, slender heels not more than 3.5 centimeters.

How to wear them: If you have running around to do and yet wish to add length to your look, these are perfect. Wear them with a pleated skirt and a blouse.

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