What’s Your Collar Style?

Written by Vidhi GandhiJul 01, 2015
For centuries, people have been discussing collars and what’s the most appropriate collars style to wear. The styles are endless, making it more challenging for most of us to pick the right one. Today, we talk about the five most common styles of collars—mostly for office wear—and tell you ways to master the same with our expert styling tips. Scroll down to know more...

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The straight collar

The most classic style of all, this is for those who like to keep it simple and classy. Versatile in nature, it looks good with or without a tie and comes in various styles—stripes, checks, floral and plain. Wear it with just about anything to impress your boss or for a relaxed weekend look.

₹1,819; Available on missguided.co.uk

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The mandarin collar

Minimal yet sending out a very powerful message, this kind of collar is for those who hate to beat around the bush. It makes a straightforward statement and looks best when worn in light colours, with pencil or body-con skirts for a touch of conservative and contemporary.

₹1,299; Available on colormode.in

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The Peter Pan collar

Attracting fans of vintage fashion, this collar lends a timeless look especially when worn with gold jewellery and red lips. We suggest getting one in black and white to go with your formal black skirt for a timeless look.

₹3,987; Available on asos.com

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The semi-spread collar

This collar is for those who love to learn new things and quickly adapt to changing situations. Works with any kind of look—casual or formal. We suggest that you enhance this one with a sparkly bib necklace to uplift any attire.

₹2524; Available on asos.com

whats your collar style spread collar 430x550

The spread collar

For free-spirited souls who love to live life on their own terms, this collar speaks volumes for your personality. Choose one in a bright colour and pair with denim and a jacket on casual Friday.

₹1,790; Available on shop.mango.com

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