Dressing Tips For The First Date

Written by Sanaa JhuraniAug 08, 2014
First impressions are most certainly lasting impressions—especially if you’re on your first date. Use this opportunity to forge a stronger connection with that special someone by ensuring that you are dressed to impress. BeBEAUTIFUL brings you an exhaustive guide of ideal outfits for the first date. Just remember to strike that perfect balance by including a dash of flirty, a pinch of cute, a dose of sexy and a whole lot of sassiness!
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Go leggy lass!
Throw him a curveball by wearing a dress and employ the sneaky leg lengthening trick by pairing classy yet undeniably sexy nude heels. Flesh tones on your feet give the impression of longer legs and match anything you wear.

Sweet and spicy
It is equally important to make sure you do not come across as too high-maintenance. For a dinner and dancing kind of date, pair a pretty dress with your hair pulled back in a messy up-do. The racy dress lends that bit of flair while the no-nonsense hair let him know that you are tough too!

Keep it simple
While dressing for a first date, you do not want to make it seem like you tried too hard (even if you did!). As important as it maybe to impress this guy, it is equally important for him to believe that you can impress him effortlessly. To avoid appearing like you have spent hours agonising over what to wear, put on your pair of comfortable and well-worn jeans with a flirty top. You can always throw in a pair of sexy stilettos to raise the style quotient of your ensemble.

First dates can be overwhelming and often awkward, at least at the beginning. It is important to not look overdressed while still looking your best. The more comfortable you are with what you are wearing, the easier it will be to break into conversation and strike a chord of easy banter. No matter what you choose to finally wear, allow it to be your most flattering selection. If you feel good about yourself, the confidence is bound to follow. So girls, go ahead and enjoy your date!

Sanaa Jhurani

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Sanaa Jhurani

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