Think black is only for evenings and winter time? We disagree! The classic hue has its own charm.  It can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, and looks fantastic especially when paired with other black pieces. Try out our 3 anytime-favourite, all-black looks for optimum boldness...

all black that make you look bold 600x400

A day out with friends

Hanging around in coffee shops and going to the movies are a few of the things we all love doing in college. To make an impression on your friends, go shorter on the hem of your dress and incorporate current trends like cut-outs and fringes in your all-black clothes and accessories.

Dress ₹1,501; Available on, Bag ₹8,990;

black that make you look bold 600x400

Important presentation

Normally, we save our jumpsuits for post-work affairs. But with the right details, nothing can go wrong when it’s all black, even for office occasions. Want to add more awesomeness? Give your outfit a touch of sleek with some gold jewellery.

Jumpsuit ₹3,501; Available on, Heels ₹6,452; Available on

black that make you look stunning bold 600x400

Friend’s sundowner party

Flowy, please! Get dramatic while you groove to the music in this long asymmetrical black top, and look glamorously beautifully, especially when you manage to catch a gust of wind. Now that’s effortlessly chic!

Top ₹3,687; Available on, Shorts ₹1,990;