Does it always leave you wondering how some girls always end up looking a tad more stylish than you? If you think it’s their genes or fat bank balance, you’re wrong. Want to know their secrets? Here are 9 of ‘em…

how to look stylish basics 430x550

Invest in high quality basics

They will never compromise on basics. They believe in its power to take any look from drab to fab!

how to look stylish body type 430x550

Understand their body type

They will never go for crop tops or minis if it doesn’t flatter their bodies. They will always make sure they stick to what complements their bodies the best.

how to look stylish plan outfits 430x550

Plan outfits a night before

Whether it’s dressing for work, weekends or night out, they always plan their outfits a day in advance to always end up looking perfect.

how to look fashionable 430x550

It’s all about having a uniform

Whether they are running late or “have nothing to wear,” they always have a signature go-to look that they rely on. It could be a pair of skinny jeans and tee or an LBD, they believe in the concept of getting ready in under 5 minutes with the help of their uniforms.

how to look stylish brands 430x550

They don’t believe in labels

Insanely stylish women don’t fall prey to labels. For them, it’s all about pulling off anything with élan, whether it’s a street buy or a Louis Vuitton.

how to look stylish prints 430x550

Mix prints and patterns

They mix prints and patterns like a pro. For them, it’s all about mixing varied sized prints and patterns from the same colour family.

how to look stylish accessories 430x550

Clash basics and trendy outfits and accessories

A dressy bag with a denim and tee is a win-win. The same works well vice-versa.

how to look fashion forward 430x550

They work backwards

If they are wearing a statement necklace or pants, they will start with the piece and plan rest of their look around it. This way they ensure the piece gets the focal point.