Checks are classics that are found in everyone’s wardrobe; and why not, when they offer so much versatility! They could be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, and come in a wider range of styles in clothes and accessories. Our guide below will ensure that you learn newer ways to style this print and rock it like a pro. Scroll down to get started... MUST-HAVE CHECKS

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This is the perfect pattern for business professionals. Going for colours like red and blue adds colour and depth to your look.

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Quite a loud pattern, these uneven checks are usually worn for casual occasions.

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Tight square checks in two colours lend an old-school look especially when worn with other check styles like plaid.

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A mix of oversized and dainty checks, this pattern is usually seen in flannel skirts and winter coats.

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Checks are little tricky to wear. You could double up the dose by mixing it with other patterns like polka dots, animal prints, stripes or even other checks. When you go for a print-on-print outfit, make sure you combine the same size and style or small and big-sized prints. For example, if you are wearing a gingham-print shirt, then go for pants or a skirt in plaid; or if you are wearing a T-shirt with thick stripes then make sure the checked pattern on your bottom is a small-sized one. Similarly, you can play with extras like jackets and coats and accessories like scarves, bags or shoes.

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Be willing to experiment but don’t go overboard. For office looks, try and stick to one print at a time to avoid looking like a runway model in the boardroom.

Avoid pairing dark and dark or light and light colours when it comes to checks; it makes your outfit seem boring. Always go for a mix of light and dark colours for a striking look.

Avoid combining houndstooth with any other print as it only complicates the look.