With our unapologetic love for fashion, it is no wonder that our closet has almost become an additional member of our family. After all, it does keep our clothes, bags and shoes in mint condition, all ready to be slipped into. But when our love for fashion goes a little too far and we find our beloved clothes, waiting to erupt, that’s the time we get apologetic.

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So before you set your heart on yet another pair of shoes, take the time out to cleanse your closet. We know it’s hard to part ways with clothes you’ve spent your cold winter nights in but taking these excellent tricks in your stride and being a wardrobe organizer will maximize the potential of your wardrobe and make way for your future shopping sprees!

Be practical

A clean, uncluttered closet starts with having a sensible head on your shoulders. Go into cleaning your closet by being practical about what you own. If you own a skirt that is one size small which you’ve been aiming to get fit and back in since 2011 is still in your closet, it is about time to give it away. It could be a pair of shoes that is too uncomfortable to wear, a pair of pants which you just cannot pull off or headgear you bought for a party years ago; with the exception of vintage and designer wear, if you do not see yourself wearing the item, be firm with yourself because it has to go.


Take a look at your lifestyle

Take a look at your lifestyle

Take a long, hard look at your lifestyle; your interests, hobbies and habits and find their connection to your closet. If you spend a large part of your work commute walking, you would need comfortable flats and not too many heels. If you require to carry your laptop with you, you will need totes and not as many clutches. Once you find the items which are a primary part of your lifestyle, it is possible to cut down on the rest and do away with what you do not need.

Find your signature style

Like the perfect pair of jeans, finding a signature style is a tricky process that requires numerous tries, a whole lot of experimenting and even a couple of mistakes. Take inspiration from celebrities, bloggers, websites, social media and the idea of your perfect closet. Try your hand at a new fashion trend. Take a chance with an style of trousers you’ve never worn before. Do whatever it takes and find a look that fits with your personal sense of style. Once you do, move your present and future purchases in that direction and disregard the rest.


Need > Want

Need > Want

You may believe that you will not be able to live your life without that pleated skirt but newsflash, you can. Dig deep within yourself and your closet to find what you need, not what you want. You might find duplicates of clothes, of which, although you want to keep all of those black trousers, you need only one. If you thought every breton striped t-shirt would be absolutely essential to your existence, you need to think again because just one well-fitted t-shirt will do. It’s a difficult task but keeping what you need versus what you want will give your closet just the detox it desires.

Image Credits: Elite Closets, Apartment Guide, A Beautiful Mess, Scene