There are some life events that can make us question our most sought-after style sensibilities. And blind dates fall under this category. The anticipation of meeting someone you don’t know anything about is just as nerve-wracking as the idea of dressing for someone like that! But, we’re here to ease those frown lines and jittery nerves for you. Whether it is a cosy coffee shop date, dinner at your favourite restaurant in town or a an afternoon walk at the park, we’ve got you a quick style guide on key pieces that can calm those nerves. Click through to take a look.

dressing blind date black dress 430x550

For a fine-dining restaurant
Here’s where you want to look put-together and sleek, yet not overtly sexy. And we ask you to look no further than your LBD. Opt for a classic, sharp dress with intricate detailing like lace, pleats or a wrapped silhouette to keep it interesting.

Image courtesy: Mango

dressing blind date high heels 430x550

The wonder heel
A pair of sky-high stilettoes will never disappoint you (or him). Show up in your best pair of high heels to make a lasting first impression. Since comfort is key on a blind date, make sure you reserve these babies for the dinner table only.

dressing blind date black and gold clutch 430x550

The glamorous clutch bag
A glitzy clutch is just what you need to add sparkle to your date night. Pair it with your striking LBD and you have a winning combination.

Image courtesy: Maati

dressing blind date floral dress 430x550

The coffee shop date
The best thing about a coffee shop date? You can leave quickly if it’s going too bad, as that cup of coffee won’t take long. Channel a cutesy, more approachable vibe with a simple, printed dress.

Image courtesy: Koovs

dressing blind date ballet flats 430x550

The most comfortable ballerinas
Wear ‘em comfy and elegantly stylish ballet flats for your coffee shop date, lest it turns into a long walk around town. These are absolute sole saviours and don’t compromise on style at all!

dressing blind date maxi dress 430x550

At the park
There’s nothing quite like a relaxing walk at the park (if the weather permits). A maxi dress adds ounces of femininity to your look. Wear yours with a skinny belt and thong sandals and watch his eyes on you all along.

Image courtesy: Zara

dressing blind date orange sling 430x550

Poppy sling bag
Complement your maxi dress with a poppy tangerine sling bag. To play it safe, you could also opt for neutral shades such as ivory, beige or caramel. A sling bag is just the right size to store that lipstick for a quick touch-up, your keys and phone without looking too bulky.

Image courtesy: Koovs