Fashion Inspiration From The Star Wars Universe

Written by Dayle PereiraJan 05, 2016
Fashion Inspiration from the Star Wars universe
From a galaxy far, far away; the day of reckoning for Star Wars fans has finally arrived. The space opera franchise; with its science fictional share of aliens and humanoids, has held the world captive in its charm from the very start. So this year, as The Force Awakens returns 10 years after its previous installment, fans all over the world are donning their Star Wars apparel in a show of support. If you’re looking forward to getting your geek on as a member of the fandom, do it in style with these Star Wars fashion picks inspired by the franchise.

Flash print backpack

What better way to show your love for your favorite character, whether Chewbacca or Han Solo, than by flaunting it with pride on your backpack. There’s no better way for a Star Wars fanatic to carry their belongings than with this one!

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Galaxy print dress

Ever imagine yourself being at one with Darth and Yoda in a galaxy far, far away? We’re sure you have! While transporting there won’t be possible, at least being inspired by it will! Wear this purple toned skater dress in a galaxy print and you will definitely be the master!

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Holographic flash tattoos

BB8 Coin Purse

It’s the ideal way to showcase your intergalactic love, with a flash tattoo that illuminates when the light hits it! From characters you can’t get enough of to dialogues you can’t stop quoting, wearing your Star Wars filled heart on your sleeve has never been this easy.

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Robot sling purse

C-3PO showed us that robots have feelings too and that’s the cause we’re supporting with this adorable robot sling purse. With its metallic finish and all too cute charm, the force is strong with this one

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Yoda Slippers

They are wise, green and fluffy - What are they? A pair of Yoda slippers, of course. A treat that any Star Wars fan will adore; when it comes to these slippers with true to life eyes and tufts of fur, adorable they are.

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BB8 Coin Purse

BB8 Coin Purse

Carry your coins in the coolest way possible and that’s with the a coin purse in the form of the BB8 droid. Your coins will be droid secured while being all decked in orange and grey.

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Resh Two Dom Two Dangle Charm Bead

Feel like your jewellery game has gone down lately? Then give it the boost with this adorable R2D2 charm bead which can be slung on a bracelet or necklace which screams geek chic.

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Artoo and Threepio Leggings

When you can’t decide which robot is your favorite, this is what you wear. Sashay down the street in style as you clad your pins with these Artoo and Threepio leggings, complete with a metallic finish.

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