We know how hard it can be to do away with a favourite top or a bag, which is why we believe in just reinventing it. Invest in some sparkle glue or stick some rhinestone embellishments and you have a brand new amped up satchel! Check out these super fun DIYs we’re going to be trying over the weekend…

funky fashion diys basic white shirt 430x550

Upgrade your basic white shirt

Turn your white shirt into a pretty piece of art! Put that broken necklace or piece of jewellery into good use by sticking it on the shoulders or a part of your shirt. And voilà, a party outfit is ready!

DIY source: http://niftyncrafty.tumblr.com/post/83598817213/diy-jewelled-white-shirt-a-pair-a-spare-this

funky fashion diys bag 430x550

Get crafty with your old bag

Pick a necklace out of your wardrobe or just buy some edgy embellishments to enhance your worn out bag. Opt for gold, silver, copper or bronze fringe depending on the colour of your bag and turn it into a stellar, head-turning piece.

DIY source: http://www.highondiy.com/gold-fringe-purse-diy/

funky fashion diys cuffs 600x400

Gem up your cuffs

Easiest of the DIYs, turn your metal bangles into something spectacular by getting your hands on some coloured stones. Create your own design for some bejewelled arm candy.

DIY source: http://apairandasparediy.com/2014/04/diy-gem-embellished-cuffs.html.

funky fashion diys sweatshirt 430x550

Get artistic with your sweatshirt

Turn your trusted sweatshirt into a wearable piece of art with the help of a damp sponge and some fabric paint. Place a cardboard inside your sweatshirt and soak a kitchen sponge to dampen areas you would like to colour. Dot the colours on the damp areas with the help of a brush and let it dry completely. A brand new wardrobe basic is ready!

DIY source: ps-imadethis.tumblr.com/post/73513873423/turning-an-everyday-staple-into-a-work-of-wearable

funky fashion diys sneakers 600x400

Sneakers glam up

Turn your sneakers into a glittery affair by dressing them up glamorous. Mix gold glitter with fabric glue and paint your shoes as shown in the picture. Glam up your pair further by adding rhinestones on the front for ultra glamorous and comfy chic party shoes.