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Written by Deepa SajnaniJun 18, 2014
Suppose we said that you could dress for your workout without looking like you’ve actually dressed for your workout? We hear victorious chuckles from you, girls, for we think we may have the answer to your unspoken dilemma. Yes, you don’t need to look frumpy even if you’re feeling it on your way to the gym. A hint of lip gloss and a new sports bra just doesn’t make the cut – you need a head-to-toe style check that makes you feel amazing about that workout while your body reaps in the benefits and it isn’t so hard! We’ve decoded just what attire different types of workouts might need to really make that unforgiving exercise count. Take a look.

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Yoga and Pilates
Both, yoga and pilates, involve a considerable amount of stretching, bending, twisting and floor work that can be tough to perform with uncomfortable clothing that is too tight. What you need is workout gear that is comfortable, breathy, stretchy, yet not too baggy.

Our style check: We think a sports bra that fits well is a must and we opted for a cool multi- coloured pick from Reebok. Since we’re all about comfort yet snug clothing here, striped stretchy pants were our choice of bottoms and for unrestricted stretching, style it with a loose knot top.

Product Credits - Sports bra: Reebok, T-shirt: Reebok, Pants: Reebok, Headband: Reebok

Styling Credits – Photography: Sunny Mindhe, Styling: Deepa Sajnani, Hair & Makeup: Sangeeta and Ishita, Model: Shirley Silveira, Fashion intern: Shraddha Mehta

Location courtesy: Café Infinito (Bandra Kurla Complex)

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Brisk walking, jogging and running
Working out within the four walls of the gym can get to any of us after a while. So, if you fancy a walk/jog/run outdoors, find a suitable track (not hard ground, preferably a mud path) in a nearby park. Opting for anything loose or long here may get in the way of leg movement.

Our style check: Jersey shorts make for the prefect choice for clocking in those laps on the track. We paired it with a fitted, supporting jersey vest and added a wristband to avoid any injuries and support the wrist muscles. Opting for a pair of airy running shoes from Reebok, we thought they were just as functional as they were stylish and went very well with the look.

Product Credits - Vest: Puma, Shorts: Nike, Socks: Nike, Shoes: Reebok, Wristband: Puma

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Indoor weight training and for workouts at the gym
It’s no news that we all like to sweat it out as we work out. To combat the effects of air conditioning in your gym, opt for covered clothing as it raises the temperature of the body and ensure you release all those unwanted toxins by way of sweating it all out.

Our style check: Whether you’re weight training or indulging in some serious cardio exercises, a pair of track pants will never disappoint. Pair this with a fitted tee or a sleeveless vest and don’t forget those wristbands lest you hurt yourself with the equipment. For those kicks, we opted for these sneakers from Nike that are specially meant for indoor training.

Product Credits – T-shirt: Nike, Track pants: Nike, Shoes: Nike, Wristband: Puma

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