When the festive season comes around, it’s time to ditch your flats for your stilettos, your cottons for your sequins and your handbags for your clutch. We didn’t make up these rules, it’s just a rite of passage that the fun and frolic of the season calls for.

So as you transfer your loyalty to a tiny holiday clutch, make sure you pack these beauty essentials in your purse which will keep you in good hands for the lineup of parties you’ve got ahead...


In time of food stains and running mascara, even when there’s no one else, you can count on tissues to save the day. That and well, the other million things it is useful for like blotting makeup and dabbing up a mess.

Miniature perfume

Time flies when you’re busy owning the dance floor in the midst of a raging party but don’t let those telltale signs of body odour catch up with you. A miniature perfume is portable enough to grab a quick touch up with and carry on dancing.


This one hardly needs any explanation because the festive season is the time where your pout is on display and for that, it needs to decked up. Go for a glossy shine with the Lakmé Absolute Gloss Addict or a dramatic matte look with the Lakmé Absolute Sculpt Studio Hi-Definition Matte

Lipstick and just make sure you don’t leave home without it!

Bobby pins

Don’t you just hate it when you’ve spent ages over an updo but just one accidental bump later, it’s an untidy mess? You can prevent that situation from playing out with a pack of bobby pins in your clutch to pin up any stray hair or dishevelled ‘dos.
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An item of high priority, make sure you have your wallet with your cash, cards and keys safely tucked in your bag so that you can travel to and fro from your destination and reach back home safe and sound.

Compact Powder

Eve if you’ve spent hours partying it up, look like you’ve just stepped in the venue. Carry a compact powder like the Lakmé Absolute White Intense Wet and Dry Compact which will do the job of a long lasting foundation and also give a flawless finish for touch-ups.

Battery pack

You have the energy to frolic all day and night but since your phone doesn’t the same capacity as you, make sure you keep it stocked before it runs out. Carry a battery pack to ensure that your phone lasts as long as you, especially since you will need for an emergency call or a reel of selfies.

Image Credits: The Small Things, Chanel, Large Battery