With fashion becoming more and more accessible (thanks to online shopping), it’s become all the more difficult to decide what trends you should and shouldn’t adopt depending on what suits you. But fret not! BB is here to help. Here’s how you can go about developing your signature style…

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Wardrobe analysis

This is the most crucial step in defining your personal style. Do a thorough wardrobe analysis of what the kind of pieces you have in your wardrobe are; include everything from clothes to bags to jewellery and shoes and only keep those that you think define your personal style.

Next, look at the kind of clothes you own the most (in number.) For example, if you own a lot of dresses or striped tees, then that’s what makes you feel more comfortable, which means you should be building your signature style around those pieces.

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Find your best asset

If you have a tiny waist or endless legs, don’t be afraid to show them off. Understanding your body type and dressing to flatter it is the most important part of developing your signature style.

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Do your research

When you’re browsing the internet be it Google or Pinterest, keep a diary of outfits you think will flatter you. Do the same with the kind of clothes you wear by snapping a selfie. After about a month go over all the photos to figure out which outfits you looked most comfy in.

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Choose a signature piece

Whether it’s a pair of oversized sunnies, fringe jacket, cropped pants or a monogrammed necklace, choose one piece that you can call your own.

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Put together your look

As a beginner, take time to put together your look and choose one signature piece you want to create your look around. For example, if dresses are your style then keep jewellery minimal for your dress to take the centrestage.

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Don’t forget

It might be hard to admit but no look is complete without some makeup; be choosy about how you seal your look; whether it's a coral lip colour or heavy kohl.

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