Kanye started the sock style boot trend with his Yeezy collection and everyone is sporting it now. What we love about this boot trend is that it’s like bodycon dress but for your feet. It keeps you warm but hugs your legs while doing so, just like a pair of socks. The result? A flattering silhouette for your pins. The vintage vibe this style carries is cherry on top. If you are sold just like us, here is how you can sport this fall boot trend.

pair it with skinny jeans

Pair it with your skinny jeans by rolling up the ends, so that the sock effect is clearly visible.

match your outfit tone to boots

Match your outfit’s tone to you boots for a monochrome look.

pair it with high shaft

If you are sporting a pair with a high shaft, it will complement all your cropped pants and midi length outfits.

feminine mix

The slim fit will give a feminine edge to any tough look you want and balance out the outfit.

boots for ott layered look

Planning on counterbalancing a voluminous look or an OTT layered look? These are just the boots you need.

Image Credits:Pinterest