Steal These Accessories From Your Boyfriend And Wear Them Yourself

Written by Harshitha PrabhakarSep 16, 2023
Steal these accessories from your boyfriend and wear them yourself
We have all been there. We stand in front of our overflowing wardrobes, thinking, ‘I have nothing to wear.’ Science has yet to discover a solution to this problem that has plagued women-kind for ages.

We have already shown you how you can double your wardrobe by raiding your boyfriend’s clothes closet. This time around, we show you how you can rock a few key pieces from his stash of accessories. If you like to embrace the oversize in accessories or your style is androgynous or you simply like annoying your boyfriend by stealing his stuff, read on!

His oversized watches

His perfume

Let’s face it. Every girl loves bling. Especially on her hands. So go on girls, ‘borrow’ that watch your boyfriend wears and wear it yourself. Oversized watches with big dials are all the rage and they can up the ante on any outfit.


His belts

His perfume

Men’s belts tend to be bulkier, and that works well for us girls. Wear boyfriend jeans and a t-shirt and finish the look with a wide belt. Not only does it look chic, it is very functional, too!


His cuff links

His perfume

For the ultimate power look, add a pair of cuff links to your formal attire. On a formal pant-suit or a skirt-and-formal-shirt combo, add a pair of statement cuff links to look like a boss lady!


His oversized sunglasses

His perfume

Big sunglasses are fun and chic and sexy all at once. Wear them casually with a straw fedora for an ultimate holiday look.


His finger rings

His perfume

You know those big bands in silver or black that he wears all the time? We know they can be too big for your ring-finger, but you sure can wear it on your thumb for a grunge look!


His leather bracelets

His perfume

Wear them one at a time or wear them stacked, the effect is the same. Cool with a hint of daring.


His sling bag

His perfume

When you get tired of your lady-like tote bag or your backpack, swap in his sling and wear it cross-body for an easy, hassle-free way to carry your belongings!


His perfume

His perfume

Whether you like the idea of his smell lingering around you long after you have left the house or if you just like deeper, masculine fragrances, spritz a little of his perfume on your (or his) scarf and wrap it around you. You will feel like he is around you all day long!

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