The new age fashion has given the girly hue, pink, a different meaning altogether. Gone are the days when boys wore blue everything and girls wore pink bows and skater skirts. Because of the ever emerging runway trends, the colour is now accepted as metrosexual and is no longer restricted to the XX gene alone. These non-traditional ways of wearing pink should serve as some proof…

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Get more courageous with the colour by going for a dress with bolder details like a drop waist or a waterfall hem. Pairing it with white and nude is the usual so choose to colour block it with dark green or lemon yellow instead and add some oomph to your look with some chunky accessories.

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The secret to wear pink in a non-traditional way is by incorporating it into your extras—the shoes, bag, jewellery. Create your outfit around one pink statement piece. Opt for rugged pieces like acid wash shortalls or a denim dress to make your look a little more daring.

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how to wear pink without looking girly 600x400

Pink can be dangerous too! Opt for oversized or boxy silhouettes by mixing them with feminine pieces. Pair with black for a look no other girl would dare to wear.

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