There’s something so intriguing about supermodels. Be it Gisele Bundchen or Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell – you just can’t escape their allure. Statuesque, confident and jaw-droppingly gorgeous and flawless skin and hair are what they all share in common. Not possessing those physical attributes doesn’t mean you can’t look like a supermodel. Follow these basic diktats and we’re sure you’ll be supermodel fabulous in no time.

Rock those locks
Gorgeous, luscious and flowing – these are the adjectives most supermodels would associate with their hair. Keep your hair in bombshell condition by making sure you treat it to regular oil massages. Wash your hair not more than thrice a week and treat your locks to a hair spa at least once in a fortnight. The resultant bouncy, healthy and shiny hair will have people doling out compliments by the dozen.

It’s all about the body
Don’t believe people who say, “I don’t do anything. I eat what I want and don’t work out much. I’m just lucky I guess.” Sure, some people are genetically blessed with an amazing metabolism but an incredibly fit body (another supermodel attribute) is the result of a rigorous diet and exercise regime. So whether it’s kickboxing, yoga, Pilates or good old running, find a form of exercise you enjoy and stick to it. Eating a diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetable and lean protein and low in carbs and fat will aide not only your body, but also your skin.

Flawless skin is in
Okay, now this one’s a bit tricky to manage. Radiant, glowing and healthy skin is indeed an asset to own. And not everyone’s lucky enough to be blessed with it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t own it. Apart from the obvious, eat healthy, exercise, be stress-free tips, we have a special weapon in our arsenal for fabulous skin. And that’s Lakmé Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Serum. Armed with Luminizing Vitamins and Light Reflecting Pearls, this serum is perfect for that supermodelesque radiance and glow.

Looking like a supermodel, physically, isn’t too difficult. Complement the above tips with confidence that comes from being comfortable and fabulous in your own skin and you’ll easily be the cynosure of attention no matter where you go.