Five Magic Ways To Look Slimmer

Written by Anurag GulatiJun 30, 2014
Contrary to popular belief, we do not need a magic wand or Aladdin’s genie to instantly shed a few pounds and look slimmer. Sometimes, all it takes is some clever styling secrets and the knoweldge to work them to your advantage. These clever tips will make you instantly shed the pounds and look slimmer.
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Don’t hide under layers
To begin with, go against your natural instinct to hide under layers of unflattering, shapeless attire. Adding unnecessary volume to your silhouette can actually make you appear larger. Hence, even though we might want to conceal those love handles, it is far more flattering to opt for pieces that skim your curves. In line with the same, consciously add body-lengthening pieces to your attire like vertical stripes, long dresses, scarves or even long necklaces to orchestrate a longer profile without the bulk.

Find that waist
Another trick in the book is to throw in a belt and accentuate your waist. Cinching your ensemble correctly to display your best features creates the illusion of that coveted hourglass figure. For women with longer torsos, choosing a skinnier belt and placing it a few inches below your belly button might work better while women with shorter torsos tend to look great in marginally wider styles that are in the same colour as their outfit.

Did someone say monochrome?
Monchromatic brilliance is another one of those magical tricks that instantly makes you look leaner and longer. We do strongly encourage wearing darker neutrals like chocolate brown, charcoal grey or navy blue to achieve a thinner silhouette. Additionally, it also helps to remember that the farther away from the floor you are, the skinnier you will tend to look. So pair your monochromatic creation with a pair of platform heels.

Go with the V
With respect to clothing styles, flaunting the V-neck should become your new style mantra to immediately look thinner this season. V-necks instantly make your face look thinner, with the added bonus of showcasing your collar bones and allowing your chin to gain prominence in the best possible way.

Destination shape-wear
Finally, when all else fails, there is always spanx. To look thinner and create an illusion of a much more flattering silhouette, invest in shapewear. To look leaner, you can always opt for a pair of full-body pieces that can help suck in your stomach, boost your derriere and make your thighs look slimmer.

Anurag Gulati

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Anurag Gulati

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