Maxi Skirt Face-Off: Blogger Special

Written by Deepa SajnaniSep 16, 2023
We love a fashion face-off every now and then. It gives us the chance to be critical fashion jury and aficionado, all at once. This week, we’re loving the maxi skirt trend that has been around for a while and we’re not ready to let go, just yet. We spotted three bloggers in this 90s trend and leave it to you to pick your favourite look. Rate your favourite look in the comment box below!
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Karishma Rajani of
Karishma reworks the grunge look by pairing her stark leopard print maxi skirt with a clean white crop top. The striped orange backpack adds a pop of colour to her look and the lady-like pearly whites are the perfect balance for grunge madness.
We, the jury: While we love the pairing of black and white, a crop top in a flouro pink or yellow could have added more drama and appeal to the overall look. What’s your take?
Style Meter: 3.5/5

maxi skirt face off blogger special 500 643

Ruhi Sheikh of
Ruhi’s bold bohemian take on the maxi skirt is attention worthy! We love her simply for taking risks with her outfits. We honestly never thought of pairing our maxi skirt with a long dress. We’re thinking this could be our next festive look.
We, the jury:
We like the unusual pairing Ruhi has tried to achieve here but if this is way too bold for you, try swapping the dress with a simple kurti and jhumkas instead.
Style Meter: 4.5/5

maxi skirt face off blogger special 500 643

Kanika Karvinkop from
Pretty in pastels, Kanika flowers up her maxi palette in plush peach and mixes it up with a light washed denim jacket over a floral crop top with a beige satchel as her only accompaniment. While we’ve seen a similar look before, we can’t deny what a fail-proof ensemble this is for that summer garden party.
We, the jury - Sweet, but safe. Opt for a bag in a contrasting colour and one that makes the look standout, like a deep purple. You could also wear a slim belt in a jewel tone like an oxblood red to really make those flowers bloom.
Style Meter: 3/5

Which look do you ‘heart’ most?

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