The Kolhapuri chappal has sadly been an underdog in an era where styles are used to make statements. But would you think of the humble chappal differently if we told you that Madonna owns a pair? Renowned for its ethnic, artsy look and traditional appeal, the Kolhapuri has made a late but refreshing comeback. Here’s our get-it-now Kolhapuri style guide.
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Style your long, flowy maxi skirts with cutesy T-bar Kolhapuris to look every bit the boho beauty you can be. If you want to play dress-up, pick closed-toe Kolhapuris with a pointed upward arch. You can find these in rich textures like velvet with ornate embroideries. To give these chappals the attention they seem to have lost, opt for jewel tones or go crazy with neons and team it with a neutral skirt.

Bohemia refreshed
Curated jodhpuri pants go beautifully with the Kolhapuri. Bringing a brimming bohemian sophistication to your look, these chappals get a thumbs-up with harem pants too. Alternatively, you can also walk a mile in these sandals with chinos or just your every-day denim or trouser.

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Summery staple
Ditch your ballerinas and kitten heels and swap them for these gorgeous chappals to look oh-so-cute with a short summer floral dress. Perfect for those scorching afternoons at your favourite flea market, they also spell unique and cool. What’s more? You can literally wear them all through summer. Our advice? Pick them up by the dozens in pretty candy hues.

Ethnic touches
If you love your cotton churidars, then the kolhapuri is just what you need to complete your ethnic look. Style them with long ikkat print kurtas to look every bit the edgy, urban gal you are.