Every style-conscious woman knows the importance of caring for herself. Whether it is taking those regular trips to the salon or fixing a broken nail, we all love a bit of tender loving care. But, so do our handbags. Be it your party clutch or your overused everyday tote, here are some essential tips that will save you a disaster before it’s too late.

Do right by the basics
Keep your bag away from dirt-prone places or direct sunlight as much as you can. Yes, we know it’s not possible to monitor this while you’re juggling with a million things, so invest a few minutes in carrying loose tissues to wipe the bottom of your bag. Also, the dust cover for your bag was given to you for a reason. Use it ladies!

Leather rules
Your arm candy needs special attention when it comes to daily care. Leather bags must be cleaned with a dry cloth and to vanish those stains, dab some alcohol onto the area and leave it to dry. For serious food stains, make a homemade paste of lemon juice and cream of tartar and smear it on the stain. Leave this on for a few minutes and wash with water.

Fabric bag must-dos
You’ll need a dedicated fabric stain remover to tackle those stubborn stains for your cloth bags. Once applied, use a toothbrush to literally scrub away unwanted stains.

Put those vacuum cleaners to use
Just as important as it is to clean the outside of your bag, you can’t ignore maintaining the insides. Invest in a handbag liner to preserve the interiors of your bag from spills, stains and accumulation of dust. Use a handheld dust buster to vacuum up all the dirt inside.