The launch of the ALDO Spring Summer 2015 launch saw the beautiful and talented Kriti Sanon talking about her achievement as the Filmfare debut actress award winner. Read on to find out more about her take on couture and the secret behind her fantastic skin…

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BB: You’re quite new to Bollywood; what would you say has been your biggest challenge so far…

Kriti: The biggest challenge is to make a decision about choosing the right film for your debut. It should allow you to show your talent as an actor as it is the stepping stone to your career.

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BB: What are your best picks from the ALDO Spring Summer 2015 collection?

Kriti: I love wearing a lot of bright colours. Their garden print pumps are something I would love to wear throughout the season since it could uplift any outfit instantly. Also, their dual toned heels are something I would wear to amp up any casual look.

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BB: You have amazing skin. What’s the secret?

Kriti: Moisturisation. It’s something I swear by. I wear makeup all the time I’m working hence I make sure I remove every trace of it with a light makeup remover at the end of the day and follow it up with a dollop of moisturiser.

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BB: Your go-to look?

Kriti: I don’t particularly have a go-to look as such; I like my look to be a mix of comfort and style. Ripped denim and a white t-shirt is something I could live in forever.

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BB: How do you associate yourself with the brand?

Kriti: I have always been an ALDO fan! Shopping from the brand has always been a thing, even before I was an actor because it’s a very young and vibrant brand and I think it reflects my personal style.