If you’re a style maven in need of a fashion fix, look no further than fashion week. We’ve seen the attention grabbing highlights of New York Fashion Week and can’t wait for fashion season to begin on our side of world as well. While we’ve kept our eyes peeled to the runway for fashion tips to take from flowing drapes and stunning silhouettes, there’s much more to look forward to.

Accessories, that’s what we’re talking about! They are known to make or break an outfit and need the spotlight on them right away. At Paris Fashion Week, that’s exactly what happened. Whether it be on the runway or the street, the accessory game was on-point. From crystal studded slippers to enamel earrings, here’s a roundup of the latest fashion trends for women in the accessory department that were spotted at the fashion week in Paris.

paris fashion week accessory

Chanel turned back time with a vintage pillbox hat, strap on bracelets and embellished pins on a pallette of bright and dusty pinks.

paris fashion week earrings spotting

Stella McCartney complimented her jacketed clothing with oversized enamel earrings in artistic shapes and colours. Over a minimal look, she brought the single earring trend back in style.

paris fashion week streetstyle

Street style spotting saw ladylike tweed suits being paired with quirky bags in the shape of a milk carton and nesting doll to name a few. Pair that with sleek rings and watches and you’re all set to slay the fashion scene.

paris fashion week glitter

The street style wasn’t short of glitz with some eyecatchers coming head to toe draped in glitter. Over a sequin clad jumpsuit, the duo wore crystal studded helmets, sparkly scarves and mittens, topped off with reflective aviators.

paris fashion week louis vuitton

The true trendsetters they are, Louis Vuitton brought a more rough and tumble angle to the runway. Over a bed of micro-print clothing was their classic monogram on display. This time around, we saw their classic print in a lunch box styled bag paired with ankle-high combat boots.

paris fashion week swarovski

The legendary David Bowie helped inspire Swarovski’s latest intergalactic collection. The result was multi-hued stones in assorted shapes over a bed of coloured metal. Out of this world with a touch of the devil-may-care attitude, just the way Ziggy Stardust would have liked.

paris fashion week statement accessories

Loewe is never one to shy away from a statement accessory and this time was no different. Large pendants dangling from a metal chain had all eyes on them, some with a cat face and others with human imagery.

paris fashion week fashion trends

Style has no age, which was on display at fashion week. An elderly woman looked glamourous in a headscarf and thistle earring. She upped her style further by pairing it with pastel cat eye sunglasses and a bold ring.

Image Credits: WWD