An Ode To Our 3 Favourites ‘Girls’ At The Golden Globes

Written by Girija NaiksatamDec 19, 2017
Everyone who knows us knows that after F.R.I.E.N.D.S, ‘Girls’ is the only other show we’ve watched with as much dedication. So obviously, post the Golden Globes this year, while everyone talked about how George Clooney gushed about Amal, we discussed at length about what our favourite ladies wore, how they did their hair, what lip colour they should have worn, what Season 4 secrets they should have let slip and so on. Here’s an ode to all our favourite girls from ‘Girls’…

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Dear Jemima Kirke, when you’re an artist, a mom and a fantastic actress who wears her boho-chic attitude… well… everywhere, it’s absolutely not our fault that we fall in love with you every time you…
a. Saunter on screen wearing your statement maroon lips and vintage baubles.
b. Offer a much-needed reality check to all the other ‘Girls’.
c. Dare to show up at the Globes with your metallic caplet top, hint of a midriff and fluid skirt looking like a total goddess with zero reservations about dressing like the red carpet rebel that you truly are!

girls at the golden globes zosia mamet 600x470

Dear Allison Williams, we were sure that our girl-crush on you (and your wardrobe) would continue well into your 4th season of Girls, and of course it has, but everything went up three notches higher when you…
a. Showed up looking like that at Golden Globes with your retro waves, smokey eye and typical old-Hollywood charm.
b. Said that you opted for an Armani Privé dress because you wanted to “feel like a girl” after doing the explicit ‘Peter Pan’ scene.
c. Proved to us that even off screen, you are the always perfect, always stylish, always articulate Marnie who we all love.

girls at the golden globes zosia mamet 600x470

Dear Zosia Mamet, we only admired you when you dyed your hair from brown to platinum blonde but that level of admiration went through the roof when you…
a. Dyed your hair grey in December .
b. Showed up at the Globes with a subtler version of the same colour.
c. Perfectly complemented it with your pastel outfit and constant smile without a care about what the critics would have to say.

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