Ashish Soni Tells Us What To Expect Tonight At His Show With Tresemme

Written by Dayle PereiraAug 27, 2016
If you’ve had an interest in the Indian fashion industry, then Ashish N Soni is name that you definitely know. Considered a frontrunner in the space, the Indian fashion designer is known for his sharp lines and regal creations for both genders. This season, the esteemed designer returns to Lakmé Fashion Week in an exciting collaboration with TRESemmé and their gorgeous new brand ambassador, Jacqueline Fernandez. When BeBeautiful had a chance to catch 5 with the man himself, we discussed the inspiration behind his collections and the impact of beauty on fashion today.

ashish soni on latest beauty trends

BEBeautiful: What can we expect to see in your upcoming collection?

Ashish N Soni: I’m associating with TRESemmé, whose theme is ‘Volume,’ which I found relatable. Being a big trend in the west, it is being seen in various aspects from big shoulders to boyfriend shirts. I’m excited to interpret it in my way and keep it contemporary so that women can filter it into their own wardrobes and lives.

BB: We recollect your amoeba print a few years ago which was very unique. How does inspiration like that strike you?

ANS: Since I’ve been around for so long, the conventional ways of looking at the drawing board have changed and I’ve learned that it is important to be open about what you’re offering. Ideas can strike you anywhere so even when I’m in with my team, I believe in talking about creativity as simple people. This season, I’ve been inspired by iconic women through the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s with a touch of newness.

ashish soni on latest beauty trends

BB: What’s your own sense of style like?

ANS: I love to dress up so when I get the opportunity, I’m in suits 24 x 7, even when I’m travelling! Unfortunately, our Indian weather makes it a challenge. Comfort is also a tick on my agenda so sometimes it’s jeans, shirts and sneakers for me.

BB: What are 3 things every woman needs in her closet?

One is a black jacket because it’s the best weapon to take you from day to night. Second is a good white shirt which would be a compulsory item. Finally, a well fitted pair of jeans which doesn’t need to be trendy but should feel like second skin.

BB: How important is it for beauty and fashion to complement each other?

ANS: I’m fortunate to be collaborating with TRESemmé because of how important hair and makeup is when presenting our looks on the catwalk. Fashion and beauty go hand in hand with each other. This time, I’m glad to have those who haven’t only done international runway shows but who also bring their product and expertise to the show. Working with Daniel Bauer was great as he’s an icon in the beauty space. Together with the team of experts and TRESemmé, which speaks of salon-like styling at home; we’ve all worked in tandem for the final look.

ashish soni on latest beauty trends

BB: What’s your take on trends?

ANS: The awareness of trends is everywhere from hearing it on the radio to spotting it in a magazine. I find that adding even subtle hints of a trend can lend newness to an outfit. My statement this season will be black and white which can be easily incorporated with even the addition of a pocket square!

BB: In terms of beauty, what can we expect to see in the upcoming collection?

ANS: With volume as the overall feel, I’ve simplified it by treating it as a transition between morning and evening. The show opens with how women can carry their hair, makeup and clothes in the day and it slowly moves into a late afternoon, high-tea look. From there, it moves to a red carpet feel. Volume is interpreted in 3 ways and each segment has a different aspect of beauty, which I’m excited to showcase.

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