As we gear up in full swing to bring in the Lakmé Fashion Week Winter Festive 2015 and look forward to all the glitzy fashionable times that lay ahead of us, we find our way into the back doors of LFW fittings and bring you all the exclusive scoop and behind the scene action straight form the horse’s mouth. Read on as we put model Nidhi Sunil through a fun rapid fire session!
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BB: What’s the best part about being a model?

Nidhi Sunil: All the travel

BB: What’s the worst part about being a model?

NS: The diet

BB: The one food item you just can’t give up?

NS: South Indian food.

BB: The one workout move you’d never miss?

NS: Yoga

BB: The first thing that comes to your mind when you walk the ramp?

NS: OMG I hope I don’t trip on my heels.

BB: The skin care routine you swear by?

NS: Always take off makeup at night and moisturise.

BB: The one skin care tip your grandmother gave you?

NS: Use coconut oil for everything, skin, hair, eat it, everything.

BB: In between shows you’d be caught doing…

NS: Reading, writing, drinking green tea.

BB: One designer whose collection you’d steal off the runway?

NS: Rahul Mishra.

BB: If you weren’t a model you’d be?

NS: I’d be an environmentalist or a lawyer.