The times may have changed but the Indian weddings continue to be the same massive, gala family affairs that they have always been. Not only are they a union of two people but a union of two families and more importantly two cultures and we all know what that means! It means a lot of chaos and chemistry. And if anything, Indian weddings have only gotten even bigger and louder with times. Don’t believe us? Well, the newest web-series ‘Bang Baaja Baaraat’ seems to have captured all the crazy madness and drama that Indian weddings are made of. Well go ahead and take a dekho at the trailer below as you prepare to revel in the real time wedding season of the year.
A few days ago we caught up with Angira Dhar, the bride, and did a quick rapid fire. Read on…

BB: Your first big acting experience in one word?

AD: Mind blasting

BB: Best thing to have happened to you this year?

AD: Bang Baja Baraat

BB: The lip colour you are wearing now?

AD: It’s usually the Lakme Lip Pout, and that’s what I am wearing now.

BB: Your fashion icon?

AD: Kate Moss

BB: Three things in your handbag that you just can’t live without?

AD: My wallet, a lip and cheek tint and sunscreen for sure.

BB: One man alive you want to have coffee with?

AD: Michael Fassbender

BB: Favourite actor?

AD: Shah Rukh Khan

BB: Tell us about your acting goals?

AD: A lot of fun things like these web-series but my ultimate goal would be to do good films, fun cinema.

BB: Are you a dog person or a cat person?

I am animal person.

BB: Favourite movie?

AD: Vicky Cristina Barcelona

BB: Favourite song?

AD: I’m a song and dance person, so many!

BB: Favourite book?

AD: Kafka on the Shore by Murakami

BB: Best gift you’ve ever given or received?

AD: Love.

BB: Your honest take on marriage?

AD: I would love to be married one day. I feel it is amazing to have a companion. It would be nice to have to hold on to somebody for the rest of your life. So I believe in the institution of marriage.

BB: Your experience of working with Ali and Rajat Kapoor?

AD: OMG, amazing Actually all the actors are very, very senior actors they are stalwarts and they are all theatre actors which means they have a very strong skill set. I basically had a crash course in acting. This being my first was incredible because I learnt so much from the word go.

BB: Define beauty?

AD: Simple.

BB: If you were a super heroine, what would be your super power?

AD: To be able to fly because I have always wondered how it would be to be free falling and still being alive obviously, so that.