I’ve attended so many Fashion Weeks by now that I can happily say that I have my essentials down pat. Here’s my roundup of the things you absolutely shouldn’t be stepping into Fashion Week without!

fashion week must carry things tote 600x400

A Tote/Oversized Clutch

For the long list that’s going to follow this point, you’re going to definitely require a large-sized bag to hold all of it. You need to be able to snap front row selfies, so make sure you’re free of any extra hassles or carry-ons.

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I’m sure you’ve heard – sneakers are the new stilettos. Being comfy is priority on every fashionistas list when it comes to this drilling week and these two options will also give you the added benefit of being uber stylish.

fashion week must carry things perfume 600x400


You’re always more confident when you know those long hours of waiting and prancing around in heels haven’t left their mark on you in an unpleasant way. Not to forget, miniatures make for super adorable accessories.

fashion week must carry things power bank 600x400

Power Bank

Imagine sitting through your favourite designer’s show – and NOT being able to take a snapchat (gasp) or tweet about your favourite outfit. Given the long hours spent at Fashion Week and the constant social media updates, this one’s a die-hard essential.

fashion week must carry things watch 430x550

A Watch

God forbid you can’t get hold of your power bank, or worse, lost track of time while jumping from one stage to another – a watch will always make sure you make it on time to every show (so necessary to grab a good seat too.)

fashion week must carry things sunglasses 600x400


They can transform your exhausted, baggy eyes into front-row blogger chic by just throwing them on with absolutely any outfit. Besides, have you noticed how a rad pair of sunglasses can transform your entire ensemble?

Masoom Minawala was Be Beautiful’s ‘Blogger of the Day’ for Day 3 of Lakmé Fashion Week. She blogs at http://stylefiesta.com/