Mayank and Shraddha Nigam seem to be one of the most promising set of designers in the fashion industry today. Their collection is a reflection of their easy style; precisely the reason why we got chatting with them. Post their show at the recently concluded Lakmé Fashion week, we asked them their go-to tips to dressing for the festive season
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Be Beautiful: Tell us more about your collection ‘The Textile Brigade’ at the Lakmé Fashion Week.

Mayank and Shraddha:  It is a collection inspired by the military. We have incorporated a lot of military-inspired earthy tones such as khaki, brown, black and mustard. As far as the details go, you will see a lot of metallic brooches and embellishments on garments with rope strings attached on necklines on a background of minimalistic Indian prints. Most importantly, we are presenting a collection made of pure Indian textiles that we collected over a period of 2 years from 15 different states of India.

BB: The festive season is approaching. What are the key pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe?

M & S: Definitely a hand woven sari! If you don’t have one then you can borrow one from your mom or grand mom. In fact, we suggest saris as key pieces for every woman irrespective of whether she’s Indian as the amount of grace the piece lends is unbeatable. Other few pieces are separates in basics such as kurtas, cropped pants and boxy tops. And always make sure you mix and match.

BB: What are the major festive trends this season?

M & S: Earthy colours! Whether it’s a kurta or a crop top it’s all going to be in earthy tones constructed out of easy fabrics. This festive season simple patterns will replace loud details to make a more practical statement.

BB: What’s the easiest way to give a whimsical touch to an otherwise traditional wardrobe?

M & S: We love fusion and our jacket sari is the perfect example of a quirky outfit for festivals. It wears as a sari at the bottom and the pallu works a jacket to make any woman look supremely confident, bold and festive. And don’t forget a piece of statement jewellery.

BB: Indian tends to overdose on bright colours when it comes to dressing for festivals. How do you navigate that without looking too OTT?

M & S: Bright colours always look good on the Indian complexion. The best way to work it out is to clash bright tones with muted colours. For example, pops of yellow or red in embroidery and jewellery always looks perfectly nice when worn with grey, brown, white or black tones.