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In the screenplay of life if the background score was as peppy and thematic, if women could actually wear their styles up their sleeves, toss up all the gender prejudices with their tresses and walk with as much panache the ramp of this world, Lakmé Fashion Week would serve as the perfect metaphor to life!

Excuse my cynicism, but I am all for Fashion Week now that I have attended my first. I am an utmost optimist and hoped that as a first time attendee, I see all the LFW events in that light.

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My LFW debut was a myth busting spree:

So while we know that Fashion Weeks are all about the apparently superficial beauty and fashion, I came to realise that it is also one of those few platforms that bring together men and women in the same capacity, be it as models, designers, back stage or beyond. Now, isn’t that great in the times of ‘India’s Daughters’?! Fashion guru Manish Malhotra’s ‘Blue Runway’ in association with WEvolve to fight gender issues was proof enough to change my notion.

Also, models aren’t hangers. They are beautiful people like you and me....well, except with way better skin and bodies! Those are definitely not attained in a day's time. Such hard work!

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Fashion is not a 'dumb woman’s domain':

Fashion is full of smart, intelligent, vivacious women! Seriously, I walk around the premises of the LFW and I am overwhelmed by the style quotient, yes, but more so by the energy and confidence levels. They know what they are doing, why they are here and contrary to the popular belief, have their heads firmly stationed on their chic shoulders. In fact, new age designer, Salita Nanda coolly shared, "My entire collection is inspired by Cubist Picasso. It essentially illustrates experimentation and expression in the form of art. My garments are designed for women who confidently embrace vivid prints and colour palettes."

Being that social butterfly:

LFW is the time to bring out that people’s person in you. Even if you aren’t bitten by the celebrity bug, go ahead and talk to everyone. From designers to models, hairstylists to makeup artists, from bloggers to stylists - everyone is up for small talk. Psst fellow journos, this is the best time to work on people-driven stories.

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Mark your fashion week debut with a purchase:

The source is where the designer’s collections are up for sale. And believe me, you will want to buy all of it! You will not be able to afford most of it... But go anyway. It’s a good place to pick up trends fresh and hot from the runway. I am marking my fashion week debut with a purchase for sure.

'Fashion-fies' clog the net:

Obviously, you will see a sea of well-dressed people and will (hopefully) be equally well dressed yourself. So it’s perfect time to put on that pout and snap those selfies, or 'fashion-fies', girls! Boys, get clicking too! BTDubs, I saw quite a few guys shooting away, totally admiring themselves!