He's the former creative director at Louis Vuitton who broke hearts when he announced his resignation from the brand in 2014, but made up for it by going out with a bang so loud, the sound resonated for years to come. Marc Jacobs, the legend that he is today, you'd think, started out just like anyone else, from the bottom and now he's here.

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Right out of college, when Marc landed his first job at Perry Ellis, Seventh Avenue - the Champs Elysees of NYC at the time, it may have been luck, but this was the start of something big.

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He designed the infamous grunge collection in 1993, which turned out to be a little ahead of its time, and got him fired at Perry Ellis, but also garnered enough celeb attention, making it possible for him to pave his way from up there. He also won the CFDA Women’s Designer of the Year award the same year.

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All this, and it still took Bernard Arnault, CEO, LVMH, about 18 months to convince the mighty Marc to come join Louis Vuitton- which later resulted in a 16 year long stint at the prestigious designer house. So when he announced his departure to work on his eponymous label, Marc Jacobs, it broke a few hearts.

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Never a man to shy away from flamboyance and exaggeration, Marc's personal style along with his runway designs reflects the same. From dark and daunting runway makeup to oversized feather and fur embellishments, Marc's models are something to watch out for, just as much as the designer is too, in his man skirts.

designer marc jacobs collection

Over the years, despite Marc's successful collections one after the other, the man still doesn't believe in giving advices. He says, "I don't believe in giving advice. I can share my experience... I can tell you what I did and whatever you get out of it, that's great."

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