The ultimate designer when it comes to edgy fashion, Gaurav Gupta will close the prestigious LFW W/F 2015 for us. From Kareena Kapoor Khan playing muse to Lakmé Absolute Lip Pouts taking centre stage and the concept of sculpt being reinvented, this show is touted to be one packed with loads of entertainment and drama. We caught up with the ace designer himself to talk a tad more about his much-anticipated grand finale.
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Be BEAUTIFUL: Fashion enthusiasts are looking forward to the Grand Finale at LFW W/F 2015 by you. What can they expect from the show?

Gaurav Gupta:
Oh, they can expect so much from it. There’s the concept of Lakmé’s Sculpt so you’ll see a lot of sculptures and exploration around shape. That’s all I can reveal right now.

BB: What goes on in a designer’s mind when he’s about to start a show as big as the finale?

GG: You know, when you’re a designer, there are so many things to balance out. You need to know what the message is that you want to put out there. You also need to know if the set design works for you, and you constantly need to add your own inputs to it. Ours is a massive set and is something that India has not seen before. To be able to create the drama but not in a cheesy way is a huge challenge when you’re a designer closing Fashion Week. Above all this, a designer needs to ensure that he makes beautiful clothes that he himself is truly satisfied with.

BB: What is the message you wish to put across to the audiences?

GG: I want to always make beautiful clothes. I want to tell people that while I make beautiful clothes, I will keep exploring and innovating. It is the beauty that lies beyond the clothes that actually sends out a strong message and I hope my audience is able to understand that through my collection.

BB: Talking about makeup, the Lakmé Absolute Lip Pouts are going to take centre stage on your show. Tell us a little about it…

GG: I’m just going to say that we’re getting playful with the way these lip pouts are going to be worn on the show. I think these lipsticks are vibrant colours. They make the concept of sculpture, which is a more sophisticated and timeless concept, a lot more playful. While this is about the makeup, we’re going to see two or three different looks in terms of hair.

BB: You have Bollywood’s favourite actress, Kareena Kapoor Khan playing muse. How does that feel?

GG: Oh, it feels so good! She’s a woman full of spark, and dressing her up would give anyone joy. But I think she will step out of her comfort zone for this show because my brand is a bit edgy. At the same time, I’ve made something slightly classic for her to balance it out. I think everyone’s really looking forward to this show including me.

BB: Is there an added pressure when you’re the Grand Finale designer and have a showstopper like Bebo?

GG: I think there’s added excitement. Of course there’s pressure, but I don’t take stress anymore.

BB: Will the show be a star-studded affair on the front row?

GG: Yes, quite a few of my friends are expected. You just have to wait and see.

BB: What’s your gut feeling about the collection and how well will it be received?

GG: I think the collection is going to make people go back to feeling beautiful and entertained. They’ll have a larger feeling of fashion rather than a vain feeling about it.