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Written by Khubi Amin AhmedSep 03, 2015
It takes way more than just fashion conscious people to determine a city’s fashion credentials. Cultural aspects, history and the many movements all come together to shape a nation’s fashion heritage. Cities like Paris, Milan among others are by this logic epitomes of what we call fashion capitals. And while these fashion capitals have their own, very coveted fashion weeks, we think these places will make for a perfect post Lakmé Fashion Week vacation.

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Paris has got history on its side when it comes to claiming its stature as a fashion capital! The city has witnessed some of the fashion world’s most significant moments—from Coco Chanel’s iconic Little Black Dress to Christian Dior’s New Look in 1947, Paris has reasserted its fashion leadership time and again. Plus Paris has the biggest fashion headquarters—Dior, Chanel or Givenchy are all here and so is the very prestigious Paris Fashion Week. Need we say more on why every fashionista needs to be here at least once in a lifetime?

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London is a potpourri of diverse cultures and that is evident in its style quotient. With people from all over the world coming together, the London style game is all very diverse and yet very European with the best fashion haunts at an arm’s stretch! June we are told is a good time to binge on some summer sale shopping. But what makes London a great fashion holiday you ask? It’s the vintage fashion fairs that attract professional sellers from world over (the Hammersmith Vintage Fashion Fair is the best known). The fashion street markets, the fashion week and most importantly the Victoria & Albert museum! The V& A museum is any fashion fanatics must visit as the world’s best fashion exhibitions play there. And the museum has some well-preserved pieces by Coco Chanel, Christian Dior that are a part of its permanent display.

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Italian fashion is a phenomenon that flourished somewhere in the transit between Milan and Florence. Milestone designers like Gianni Versace and Giorgio Armani to brands like Fendi, Mario Valentino et al have taken Italian fashion many notches higher. Ever since then Milan has continued to be the heart of Italian fashion and come Milan fashion week each year it turns into a hub of fashion designers, journalists and consumers alike. Plus the Milan fashion week continues to showcase the best of world’s elegant and luxury fashion and is a breeding ground for fashion careers. Clearly, a Tuscan holiday encompasses everything that a fashion fanatic can dream of. Psst, we hear the first two weeks of January the city is on sale and is a shopping haven.

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New York

That Anna Wintour dictates the fashion terms in New York and sets the fashion trends going is not it. New York is home to a bunch of other reasons why every fashion loving, sartorial child will find themselves wanting to visit the place. The international fashion weeks, some of the world’s most popular fashion districts and more importantly the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute that boasts of over 80000 costumes and accessories from across the continents are all here! And so is the Prada Flagship Store which is a fashion temple.

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