If the walking Barbies, Spongebobs and Looney Toons on the runways of Paris weren’t enough to get you curious about the what the deal with Moschino was, we’re here to give you a quick download. Here’s everything you need to know about the idiosyncratic mind behind Moschino and the people’s designer—Jeremy Scott.

jeremys fashion

Going from interning at his favourite fashion house to ultimately becoming the creative director there, Jeremy’s fashion journey is every designer’s dream. While some may not always agree with his way of doing things, Jeremy has little care—he’s too busy having fun!

jeremys of the x ray vision

Jeremy’s of the (X-ray) vision that fashion doesn’t have to be a serious thing. There are already too many serious things in the world, so why add to it? He says, “Fashion is an ultimate luxury, one doesn’t need it, so it should bring one pleasure and happiness.” Hear hear!

barbie mickey mouse and spongebob

And so when there was Barbie, Mickey Mouse and Spongebob waltzing down the runway, it was because Jeremy is a firm believer of nostalgia—the one sentiment that has the power to take you back, making the brand more relatable than ever.

conspicuous debut collection

Jeremy Scott first made waves with his conspicuous debut collection (2014) around everyone’s favourite fast food joint—McDonald’s, such that it was seen on everyone from Chiara Ferragni to Rita Ora and Katy Perry. After all, how often is it that you get to wear your favourite french fries?

jeremys collections

The word and the vibe of Jeremy’s collections spread fast enough to make Karl Lagerfeld publicly speak of Jeremy Scott being the only designer who could ever succeed him at Chanel. Now if that isn’t the highest form of accolade one could ever achieve in the world of fashion, we don’t know what is.

muppets style icon

Fun Fact: J-Scott was the first designer who was privileged enough to dress the Muppets’ style iconMiss Piggy.

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