On the runway, they’re ramp scorchers. Off the ramp, they’re fun, free-spirited and all kinds of cool. Yes, we’re talking about the heroes of Lakmé Fashion Week—our scintillating models who bring to life every piece they flaunt. Exactly why we were so excited when we caught one of our fave models, Archana Akhil Kumar—the girl who’s taking the modelling scene by storm right now—for a rapid-fire round on fashion, food and more. Take a look!
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BB: What’s the best part about being a model?

AK: You get to wear beautiful clothes and look how you’ve always wanted to.

BB: What’s the worst part about being a model?

AK: Heels! Walking in heels kills me. It’s not the fear of falling on the ramp but it’s more about the fact that heels can really harm your spine. So I’m always worried about that.

BB: The one food item you just can’t give up.

AK: I love bitter chocolate!

BB: The one workout move that you’d never miss.

AK: Running!

BB: First thing that comes to your mind when you walk the ramp.

AK: Kill it!

BB: The skincare routine you swear by.

AK: Cleansing, toning and moisturising.

BB: The one skincare tip your grandmother gave you.

AK: Using turmeric powder with malai on my face.

BB: In between shows you are found doing?

AK: I think I’m just found going through my Facebook notifications and messages. I’m always on my phone!

BB: One designer whose collection you’d steal off the runway?

AK: I’d love to steal every outfit that I’ve ever worn.

BB: If you weren’t a model you’d be?

AK: A sportsperson. Even before I got into modelling, I was a State Level basketball player and a field hockey player. But I feel like I was meant to be here.