When you think of Malaika Arora Khan, the adjectives that come to mind are sexy and seductive. She is considered one of the sexiest women in Bollywood today—a tag that she not only wears proudly, but also one that she continues to maintain in her styling and the way she presents herself. She has never been shy of a certain amount of skin show in her dressing, but she stands out from many others because she manages to make this look fantastic on herself!

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malaika arora khan style 600x400

actress malaika arora khan style 600x400

Not many people know that Malaika (like every celebrity) has had her set of body issues. But she has strived to make every flaw about her turn into an asset. Every pose she strikes, every outfit she wears make you wonder how someone can look so good! And she does this with minimum styling.

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All those complicated hairstyles with many pins and braids and twists and turns are not for her—Malaika has managed many events and red carpet appearances by just leaving her blow dried hair open or by pulling her hair away from her face either into a top knot bun or into a simple ponytail. Once in a while she tweaks her top hair to add a twist to the ponytail, but she never over styles or over accessorizes her hair.

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She keeps her make up subtle with a cream foundation and shimmer powder or slight bronzer. She defines either her eyes or her lips, but not both and has also been spotted without any makeup when stepping out for a casual evening with friends and family. (The other star we know who does this is Kareena Kapoor). One thing she always focuses on is keeping her nails manicured and favours black nail polish the most.

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She chooses deep eyeshadows and voluminous mascara on the days she wants to accentuate her eyes and is not shy of experimenting with lip colour from beautiful reds, to plums, to pretty pinks to suit her outfits—thus she is never boring to look at.

There is definitely a lot to be gathered from all of her pictures on how to style oneself with minimum effort.


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