In Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut is known for her style sense. She has an effortless air about her way of dressing. Whether she decides to dress it down with loose jeans and a tee or wear something formal, she always turns out trendy. She’s one of the few mainstream actresses who steps out with minimum make up and has also learned to work her curly hair to her benefit, again with minimum styling.

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Winner of the National Award this year for ‘Queen,’ she has just had a new Bollywood release, ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’. Here’s a look at her style statements through the last few weeks—definitely many cool ideas can be gathered from Kangana on makeup and styling.

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kangana ranaut style 600x400

Notice how she owns and repeats a few neutral items with different styles of outfits to get different results and has a few statement pieces that add an edge to an outfit.

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For an Indian look, she keeps accessories to a minimum, only adding big jhumkas, a low bun, flowers and a bindi

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Her comfortable tan Oxfords have been paired with casual jeans as well, black and white striped separates, a linen skirt and top and a more formal evening plaid skirt and top, all of which are different colours and styles.

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She has worn her beige ankle strap sandals with a long printed skirt, as well as short dresses.

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Her Gucci Jackie tote has been seen on her a few different times (the fact that it's a neutral shade makes it versatile)

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Her beige pumps have been paired by her to give a formal finish to outfits like the narrow ankle length pants and the grey dress.

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She has a few pieces that stand out and make a statement, like the gladiators from Zara or the pink platform heels that add some colour to any outfit.

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Her outfits have the required amount of impact also because she keeps her make up to a minimum with no eyeliner— just oodles of mascara and a touch of neutral colour lip tint, eye shadow and blush(perfect for a day look).

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For a dressier look, she adds colour to her cheeks and lips and gives her face a slight touch of shimmer.

And once in a while she finishes her look with red lips—just to add that spot of colour to an otherwise muted look.

She styles her curly hair with a curl defining product that allows her to leave it open, or tie it all up on top for a high fashion top knot.


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