One of the youngest jewellery entrepreneurs of the country, Shruti Bheda is one helluva talented girl. After all, when it comes to cool accessories, nobody does it better than her brand, ‘Blur’! From futuristic rings to shoes that make fashion fun, ‘Blur’ is the one brand of accessories that stands out in the market, thanks to their edgy designs. Want to know more on how this brand made its way into the hearts of thousands of jewellery lovers? BeBEAUTIFUL got Shruti herself to talk about the journey of Blur. Check it out!


BB: How did ‘Blur’ come into existence?
We are all individualistic and love being different and what better way to express yourself than with jewellery. Blur is a space that was created in 2011 to break monotony, to deliver a refreshing outlook in the realm of jewellery and fashion accessories in India. My personal interest of travelling and collecting jewellery from across the world helped me conceptualise the brand. I launched it in the retail market by being present in 15 outlets of Esbeda, the bag brand (owned by her father), across the country and soon 2 standalone stores in Mumbai and Pune each.

BB: Did you have a fashion background before you set out to come up with Blur?
Shruti: I studied fashion and my family has been in the fashion business since years. My mother too has an export surplus store. Besides, the knowledge and presence that we got in Esbeda for almost three years helped us reach out to the retail market in India.

BB: What were the issues you had to overcome at the nascent stage of the business?
Shruti: We didn’t face any issue in the nascent stage as there was no other brand that was putting out any interesting or edgy accessories in the market.


BB: Who is your business and style inspiration?
Shruti: The high-street brand, Zara has been a great inspiration in the way they have built the brand and made fashion accessible. Our style inspiration comes from varied places like Japanese fashion, music artistes, Kutchi women, nature, space, etc. All of these have helped me create what we call Blur today.

BB: Is there any one thing that is a constant in all your jewellery styles?
Shruti: No pieces are similar. Every piece of jewellery has a story of its own. Every ring, every pair of earring and every bag has a character and personality of its own. I strongly believe that each piece has its own identity. This is one of the greatest things about Blur.

BB: You have a distinctive sense of style yourself. What’s the inspiration behind that?
Shruti: I’m inspired by men’s wardrobe, tribal women, diverse cultures and music! Everything around me inspires me to dress up and do better.


BB: Your site, suggests that your jewellery breaks boring and is all about freedom and fun. Are there any specific pieces in your new collection that speak volumes about this ideology?
Shruti: Oh yes, the futuristic sunglasses break monotony and are a whole lot of fun. Our high heel flatforms are here to change the notion about heels. People often perceive heels as uncomfortable but our flatforms are so comfy! So this is exactly how our products break stereotypes and fight monotony.

BB: What are the best-selling pieces in your current collection? Which are your favourites?
Shruti: This is our first shoe and bag collection and the response has been great.  We love our flatforms!

BB: What is the best compliment you’ve received for your jewellery?
Shruti: One of the recent compliments we got from a customer is that if they had 236565, they would buy all of Blur! It made me so happy because ultimately all of this helps us get better.


BB: What are the things you must have in mind in order to keep evolving as a jewellery entrepreneur?
Shruti: One must always remember that change is a must and will always be constant.

BB: Finally, any big plans that your buyers should look forward to?
Shruti: Our A/W collection! They can also look forward to the Blur blog, which is a fashion and lifestyle blog dedicated to creative people. I can’t disclose more on this, you just have to wait and watch!