It all looks so magical when our gorgeous models sashay down the ramp in designer creations, right? But it’s time to give them their dues – being on the ramp is no cakewalk. While Fashion Week may largely be about designers, it is the models who do justice to the collection. Want to know who’re the ones that wowed us on the runway this LFW? Take a look.

models who stole the show at lfw sanea sheikh 430x550

Sanea Sheikh

Standing tall at 6’1”, Sanea Sheikh enthralled everyone with her towering presence on the ramp this Fashion Week. While she did well at most of the shows, our favourite sight was of her walking for Valliyan by Nitya Arora. Why? Because she looked like a dream as she came on to the ramp flaunting Valliyan’s gigantic star-studded harness, which was almost a halo-like headgear on her! Don’t know about you but this scene completely blew our minds. Take a bow for pulling it off with complete élan, girl!

models who stole the show at lfw indrani dasgupta 430x550

Indrani Dasgupta

Remember how we were drooling over Indrani Dasgupta when she was the ‘Lakmé Girl’ endorsing the Lakmé range? A veteran on the ramp, Indrani is rarely seen on the scene these days. But she was back to doing what she does best, this time at Fashion Week! Although she wasn’t seen in too many shows, her appearance at the finale had to be seen to be believed! Berry lips, Suhani Pittie jewellery and of course, Anamika Khanna couture looked perfect on her. Won’t you agree?

models who stole the show at lfw archana kumar 430x550

Archana Akhil Kumar

If there’s someone who’s having her moment of fame in the fashion world right now, it is Archana Akhil Kumar. A favourite amongst India’s top designers, she is the ‘it’ girl on the modeling scene. So it didn’t come as a surprise when she was a constant in almost all the shows this LFW. But our favourite was her appearance at Nikhil Thampi. Clad in a dull gold suit with a humungous bow at the waist, Archana did incredibly well. Not to mention, the outfit looked fantastic against her mocha-coloured skin and the gold fringe earrings only added to the glamour. Oh and beauty lovers, contouring has never looked better on anyone else! The high-cheek bones and chiseled features – everything was working like magic on Archana. Atta, girl!

models who stole show at lfw kanishtha dhankar 430x550

Kanishtha Dhankar

From winning the title of Miss India 2011 to adorning the cover of various fashion magazines, Kanishtha Dhankar has been in the limelight for a while now. Having been a model for years, the girl makes for a delightful sight when she’s on the ramp. Although she isn’t seen on the ramp much, she was spotted walking for a few shows at LFW this year. Our favourite sight of her was at the Pankaj and Nidhi show. As she walked down the runway in a printed sheath number, the audiences couldn’t stop hooting and cheering for the sexy girl. Such perfection, isn’t she?

models who stole show at lfw carol gracias 430x550

Carol Gracias

Oh Carol, how we love to see you sashay down the ramp! The modeling world may have opened doors to a bunch of newbies but a supermodel like Carol will always hold a special place in our hearts. She looked her best in Tarun Tahiliani couture replete with the turban, Lennon shades and her signature powerful walk – it all deserves a roaring applause, we say!