Sabyasachi Mukherjee Shares The Top Bridal And Fashion Trends

Written by Chandni GhoshSep 28, 2016
We’ve been dreaming of bridal haven ever since Sabyasachi arrived on the fashion scene. You can’t blame us—his traditional yet royal sense of design has managed to find a place in millions of fashionistas who wish to be the Sabya bride someday. We, at BeBeautful, got lucky when we had a chance meeting with the ace designer himself at the Lakmé Fashion Week where he spoke to us about his design sensibilities and bridal trends. Excerpts from the chat…
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You’ve been synonymous with bridal couture for years now. What’s the perfect Indian bride according to you?

I would say the Indian bride is cultural and organic. She’s the one who has a certain sense of socio-cultural relevance, which she should stay true to. You know, I love Indian brides who get married Indian style. They should look their traditional best on their big day.

Speaking of bridal, what’s the trend this summer?

Well, I never go by trends or rules because bridal clothing should be timeless and traditional. If I were to really choose a trend, I’d choose the colour red. Nothing in my opinion is more bridal than the colour red.

So who is the Sabyasachi girl?

I think she’s someone who works, earns her own money, has a certain kind of independence and is well-travelled. Despite all this, she should be traditional at heart.

What has been your biggest learning in your career of over a decade?

I’d say that I’ve learnt that you need to have a point of view of your own and stand by it. There will be a time in your life when people won’t understand your aesthetics but if you stay true to it, you will find acceptance. So I’ve learnt to stay true to my belief system in all these years.

Every designer is subjected to criticism and challenges. How do you deal with that?

I stand by my line of thought. A lot of people criticised me for making Vidya Balan wear a sari at Cannes. And if I had to dress her again, I would do it exactly the same way. So nothing changes there and I will always live by my beliefs.

The one celebrity who always does justice to your clothes…

Oh, without a doubt it’s Deepika Padukone—she wears my clothes beautifully.

Your definition of beauty…

Confidence and acceptance of oneself.

Almost every girl who wants a fairytale wedding dreams of wearing a Sabyasachi for her big day but perhaps, can’t afford one. How does that make you feel?

Actually, I can’t tell you how terrible I feel about that. I wish everybody could afford my clothes but unfortunately, it wouldn’t be a business then, would it? It makes me feel bad because you put so much aspiration in the universe and then you can’t meet them. You cause heartbreak and it’s really not fair.

What do you have to say to the millions of girls aspiring to wear your creations?

The next best thing to wearing a Sabyasachi is to wear a traditional sari. That doesn’t cost much. Like someone who’s Maharashtrian can wear a Paithani, a Bengali girl can wear a Dhakai and someone from UP can wear a Banarasi. We are a brand that speaks about the purity of culture. So if you can’t afford a Sabyasachi, just wear a sari. That can sometimes be much better than wearing a Sabyasachi.

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