The Glamorous Toni&Guy Event With Manish Arora And Clint Fernandes

Written by Japna SodhiAug 04, 2014
In an evening full of vintage vibes, and jazz jives, TONI&GUY came together with designer Manish Arora to unveil three signature looks for the season. Known for his flamboyance, and penchant for drama, Manish showcased three main looks – Classic, Glamorous, and Casual, and a final one for the ‘20s showgirl hidden somewhere in all of us. BB Editor for the evening, Japna Sodhi, brings us the highlights.

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The evening’s ‘Hair Meet Wardrobe’ concept was all about style as a derivative of the coming together of great hair and fashion. TONI&GUY brought in renowned stylist, Clint Fernandes, who spoke to us about the thought behind ‘Hair Meet Wardrobe’. “Clothes are an extension of how you’re feeling on a given day, and similarly, so is your hair. The right kind of hair can uplift even a simple jeans and t-shirt combo,” he said.

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When asked about his favourite hair trend this season, Clint said that he is a big fan of feminine curls. “Soft and supple curls, are a great way to add texture to Indian hair. And they can be styled so many different ways, whether you’re going for a right-out-of-bed look, or heading for a glamorous night on the town,” he said.

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This ‘by invitation only’ event was a fashionable one all the way and ended up being a truly fabulous evening for all who attended.

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