7 Pairs Of Running Shorts That Will Motivate You To Work Out

Written by Sanjana PalecandaOct 04, 2018
7 Pairs Of Running Shorts That Will Motivate You To Work Out

A good workout starts with the right outfit. If you’re an athlete or generally like to maintain a good fitness regime, then you’ve probably already invested in a decent pair of gym and sportswear. But, if you share a particular passion for running, then you need something a little extra—really good running shorts! These shorts, designed especially for running, come in a few different styles, each of which provide certain benefits that runners find quite valuable. Deciding which style to opt for is a matter of individual preference and these preferences are usually based on the look, feel or performance of the shorts.

If you’re looking to invest in a pair of running shorts, it’s important to know your options before shopping. Running shots primarily come in 3 different types:

  • Compression Shorts

    These are tight-fitting shorts, very similar to bicycle shorts but without the padding. Compression shorts fit closely to the skin and hold the muscles in place firmly during the course of the run. Because of the snug fit, these shorts keep the muscles warm during the run, provide the most muscle support, and are the strongest when it comes to chafing-prevention. The stretchy fabric also allows for exceptional flexibility.
  • V-Notch Shorts

    This is the most common and popular style of running shorts. V-notch shorts have an upside down v-shaped cutout on the outer leg seams and enables the runner to have a greater range of movement than if the seams were sewn together all the way down. Unlike compression shorts, these shorts have a looser fit.
  • Split Shorts

    Split-leg shorts are also loose fit shorts but are designed for better performance. The in-seams in these are much shorter and they offer the greatest range of motion to the runner. These shorts are very popular because runners appreciate the way in which the split does not hinder their natural stride.

    No matter your preference, here’s a bunch running shorts for every purpose that’ll definitely make you want to step out for a run. Have a look…

reebok full coverage running shorts for workout

  1. Patagonia Women's Strider Pro Running Shorts

    These split leg running shorts are a great way to kick start your training. The Patagonia women’s strider shorts are an ideal choice for your everyday running routine, especially for beginners. Plus there’s some really bright colours to choose from…cherry on the icing, right?!

reebok full coverage running shorts for workout

  1. Adidas Women's Techfit 7" Short Tights

    The Adidas Women's Techfit 7" Short Tights are compressive running shorts with flatlock seams which prevent your skin from chafing as you run. It has a wide, flat elastic waistband for added comfort and asthetics. It also has Climalite fabrication which helps wick sweat from your skin so you stay dry and cool. If you mean business and prefer a compressive style, this one’s an ideal choice.

reebok full coverage running shorts for workout

  1. Adidas white smoke W shorts

    These Adidas white smoke shorts not only look great but also deliver great performance. These split-leg running shots have a loose fit and short inseams which allow impeccable range of motion. If you’re serious about your running and want to go that extra mile to look good while doing it then this pair is for you!

reebok full coverage running shorts for workout

  1. CW-X Pro Shorts

    These running shorts are built to provide optimum support for a runner's linear movement. The CW-X Pro Shorts minimize impact on the hamstrings and reduce the overall effort while running. These compressive running shorts also help in enhancing blood circulation and deliver great performance. Like the name suggests, this is a must have for all you pros!

reebok full coverage running shorts for workout

  1. Nike Pro Hypercool

    These moisture-wicking shorts feature a Dri-Fit fabric that pulls sweat away from the skin and keeps it cool and dry. These compression running shorts have a tight-fitting design and adhere to your body for figure-hugging support. They also have an elastic waistband offers muscle support and great flexibility. Whether you’re running a marathon or simply warming up on the treadmill, these running shorts will help you carry on for miles.

reebok full coverage running shorts for workout

  1. Lululemon Running Shorts With Pockets

    We think practically about a lot of our outfits, so why stop when it comes to activewear. Apart from providing excellent comfort and performance, these split-leg running shorts come with a back pocket to store your little essentials like keys or your phone without the burden of a bag and without a full side pocket getting in the way of your strides.

reebok full coverage running shorts for workout

  1. Reebok 2-in-one Full coverage Running Shorts

    These 2-in-1 running shorts are tailor made for the pros. They provide impeccable flexibility and support and completely whisk away the sweat so you can comfortably carry on for miles without stopping. They have a snug under-layer which provides muscle support and confident coverage for pre-run hamstring stretches or weight room lunges. Moreover, the lightweight woven outer shell adds a breeze of airy comfort to every mile. This one’s a go-to choice for a lot of professional athletes so if that’s what you’re training for, you better get one of these!

To truly understand the wonders of running shorts, you need to experience them first hand. So go on, pick up a pair and take them for a spin. You’d be surprised at what a positive impact this one little addition to closet can have on your fitness routine.

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