The Only Travel Accessories You Need To Jetset In Style

Written by Kaveri WaghelaAug 03, 2016
The only travel accessories you need to jetset in style
Travelling can be tiring, whether it is a prolonged bus ride, a long flight or a rickety train journey. Especially when you have so many empty hours ahead of you, it is ideal to be comfortable in what you are wearing and carry what you need. Besides catching up on some reading and taking in the scenery, packing the right travel accessories can make a long journey a lot more bearable. So the next time you’re heading on your next trip, take note of these travel kit necessities so that you can truly enjoy your time.

A handy scarf

Makeup pouch

Although a scarf may seem like barely much, it be very useful. From being a cover up on a chilly journey to protecting any added items, a scarf can come handy during your trip. Make sure you don’t forget yours!

BB Loves the Chumbak Pixel Party Scarf for र995 from Chumbak


A shielding eye mask

Makeup pouch

Whether you’re holed up under florescent lights or the afternoon sun is hitting your face, some trips call for a cozy nap. To ensure you have some sound sleep, invest in an eye mask. The mask will cut out the light when you are napping and look cute enough to flaunt even when you are asleep.

BB Loves the Like A Boss Eye Mask for र500 from The Pot Plant


A smart bag

Makeup pouch

When travelling, baggage space seems like a constant trouble. Sometimes it is the excess shopping to blame and on other times, it’s the essentials we can’t leave at home. At such times, it’s always nice to have a little extra space which a foldable bag can do for you. A smart, foldable bag will fit easily into your luggage without taking up too much space and can expand to carry all those last minute goodies. Now this an item you cannot miss out on!

BB Loves the Foldable Shopping Bag for र400 from ShopClues


Sleek sliders

Makeup pouch

When you are on an extended journey, it’s advisable to give your feet some air so that you can add to your comfort. Even if you are travelling with sneakers, carry a pair of sliders in your bag. Not only will they give your toes some relief from being cramped but they will also look incredibly stylish.

BB Loves the Nike Benassi Jdi Print Sliders for र2595 from KOOVS


Makeup pouch

Makeup pouch

If you find it too difficult to leave your beauty picks behind, carry them all along! To do so, select a makeup pouch which is segregated for all kinds of bottles, pencils and tubes. This will make sure that even when you’re on the go, you will still look fabulous.

BB Loves the Adolescent Clothing Pouch for र1200 from ASOS

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