The number of times you’ve seen bloggers wear denim on denim probably has you saturated by now. While the idea of matching your tops to your bottoms may come off as boring and well, just plain meh sometimes, fashion enthusiasts from all over the world have found ways to completely own the trend. Colloquially jargoned as ‘monotone dressing’ in the fashion world, here’s showing you why it’s here to stay.

monotone white look

Let’s start with the safest bet for those who tend to abstain from trying out new trends. White on white is the way to go! Because you could never really go that fundamentally wrong with white. Like Kylie Jenner here, who can make a monotone white look fun and flirty, while also hella sexy!

monotone fashion style

Taking it a notch further but still playing it safe? Say hello to the nudies! Err, we mean the colour nude. Don’t get one-track minded on us just because of Kim K up there, for her dress sense is one of the greatest for some monotone style inspo. Obvs, the lady barely ever steps out in prints!

monotone style

Now we’re talking. All black errythang! For days when you’ve got nothing exciting to wear but still wish to make a style statement. Or when you’d simply like to channel your inner Morticia Addams, because you can. Black is bae and this monotone statement is here to stay.

monotone fashion trend

Starting to feel confident about the monotone fashion trend? Let’s experiment with colours! We don’t even have to give you a colour palette here, to try out, because you’re free to pick your favourites. Just remember to mix hues so you don’t end up with a set of matching co-ordinates.

monotone fashion

Nothing’s stopping you from going bolder on the colours. If earlier you started with pastels for the day and subtly paired them with matching accessories to complete the look, now, try switching to brighter colours for the evening. It may be tad tricky to match the accessories but they were never the point anyway.

monotone dressing

Lastly, play with fabrics and textures. Yes, monotone fashion is all about wearing the same (or similar) colour on the top and bottom, but whoever said you couldn’t add some variety and diversity to it? Explore and exploit your options because that’s what the fashion world’s all about, innit?

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