Wearing socks with Mary Janes under a pleated pinafore is probably how you remember your school days. Now you're all grown up and tall—thanks to those heels you covet so much. But socks still hold a special place in your heart, don't they, that you've reserved for cozy nights in? You’re not alone. There are people just like you, all over the world, who found it difficult to part with their favourite pairs of socks and instead, decided to take conventional fashion out for a spin and show others how it still can be done—wearing socks without looking like a schoolgirl.

black socks in different lengths

You already own too many black socks in different lengths—ankle, knee, thigh highs. Make a monochrome statement by pairing them with complementing shoes or block them out with colour.

classic winter combo socks and boots

Socks and boots—a classic winter combo, this one. You couldn't go wrong here, although you could always emphasize the look if your boots had cutouts or other sneak peeks into what's inside.

summer dresses with matching shoes

Let these be your new winter must-haves. Let these also be how you work summer dresses for the winter. They're an investment that come with the added illusion of a few inches when paired with matching shoes.

socks with shoes

Ruffles probably remind you of Matilda—us too! But we like to think of ourselves as a modern-day Matilda (a feminist one, of course) where we have the freedom to pair our ruffles with the brightest platforms; because we can!

hella sexy aka socks

Your 101 on how to make the most boring items look hella sexy aka socks. Sexy socks—that's an oxymoron right there. Ironically though, haven’t stockings been the sexiest piece of hosiery for the longest time? So why can't sheer socks be?

strappy shoes with contrasting socks

If you’re looking to really bring out the colour and the intricate details of your strappy shoes—pair them with contrasting socks. We’d call this the easiest and the most effective way to emphasize a current look.

Image Credits: Meappropriatestyle, Popvizyon, Princess Jujube, Glam Inspire, Matome.naver, Musely