Bringing Back Icy Hues

Written by Deepa SajnaniAug 26, 2016
Bringing back icy hues
What better way to beat the summer heat than by wearing your favourite pastel shades? At least that’s what the global trends are telling us. We spotted these super stylish people wearing their trends ahead of time. Pastels are fun, super cute, and are slowly becoming the next ‘black.’ Here’s what we spotted when we set about to look for cool mints and refreshing pinks!

bringing back icy hues icy 001 430x550

The nude-pink on these makes us wonder why we ever stopped wearing palazzos!

bringing back icy hues icy 001 430x550

Combine your love for tweed-ish fabrics and pastels in this long, oversized boyfriend coat. We especially love the spatter of yellows, ice blues and greens on it!

bringing back icy hues icy 001 430x550

Now, now, we know it’s hot, but we'd rather blaze in a blazer suit like this than the over-done navy! Absolutely love the powder blue lounge-suit.

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