Apart from the ramp, there seems to be a lot of style going around at the fashion week. Right from everyone’s most-loved tassels to the not-for-the-faint-hearted gladiators, we spotted a whole bunch of accessories. Here is some street style to get inspiration from…

street style lfw leather oxfords  600x400

Ikat on leather oxfords? We approve!

Shoe courtesy: Grazia Young Fashion Award Winner’s  ‘The Sole Sisters.’

street style lfw latest trend accessories gold gladiators 430x550

Nobody dresses down for fashion week. If you’re wearing the basic white and blue, you’ve got to up the ante with OTT gold gladiators.

Shoe courtesy: Aprajita Toor

street style lfw latest trend accessories layering 430x550

Bring your layering A-game to the table, and no, we’re not just talking about clothes.

Necklace courtesy: Styletag.com

street style lfw latest trend accessories earrings 430x550

Tassels are all the rage on the ramp this season, and clearly, the audiences weren't far behind in receiving the memo.

Earrings courtesy: Marsalla

street style lfw latest trend accessories bag 430x550

Worn out leather will never be out of fashion, especially when it accompanies the en vogue tassels everyone’s being going ga-ga about.

Bag courtesy: All Saints

street style lfw latest trends accessories 430x550

Wearing the cross might have been a style statement back in the nineties but when its revival involves it being strung in a satin ribbon and paired with an off-shoulder chambray top, we don’t mind it so much.

Neckpiece courtesy: DIY

street style lfw 2015 latest trend accessories 430x550

Spotted on the ramp at Shruti Sancheti’s show, we were all set to get ourselves a pair of tassel earrings, but obviously, someone beat us to it. We love!

Earrings courtesy: Valliyan

street style lfw 2015 handbags 430x550

So apt for textiles day, that bag would have been a boring black satchel had it not been for that embroidery on it. An easy but painstaking DIY, this!

Bag courtesy: Boriya Bastra

street style lfw 2015 sunglasses 430x550

We’re still of the opinion that mirrored sunnies work best as mini reflectors for your Vespa but perhaps the aam junta doesn’t?

Sunglasses courtesy: Thrift

street style lfw 2015 adidas kicks 430x430

Yet another version of the Adidas kicks we’ve been spotting all over LFW.

Comfort multiplied by design, these make it to our list of LFW survival tips.

Shoes courtesy: Adidas