The monsoons are here. While that might mean a whole lot of fun for many of you, for some, it means compromising on their style quotient. You’d assume that rains involve wearing that drab windcheater or getting into those boring black boots to save your feet but that’s hardly the case. If you ask us, rainy day outfits can actually be quite the cool ensemble. Don’t believe us? Here are some Pinterest-inspired looks for inspo...

rainy day outfit

What’s a rainy day outfit without some PVC raincoats, right? If you have a party to go to, wear your PVC raincoat over an itsy bitsy dress and make sure you go waterproof on your makeup. Who said you can’t look hot on a rainy day?

rainy day look

When it’s Alexa Chung stepping out on a rainy day, play copycats to her stat! Here’s the girl showing you how to make heads turn even when it’s pouring. She wears her rain-friendly pants with Hunter boots and a simple tee with a windcheater. Sometimes, casual is the way to go!

rainy day street style

You’d say colour blocking in the rains is OTT but we say bring it on! Go with red heels and a deep green rain jacket with flared pants. With this look in place, you’ll be a total street style star!

rainy day fashion

Heading to a party but your footwear is going to play the downer? Just get a pair of PVC heels like these! Wear them with a midi skirt and a bell-sleeved blouse and you’ll have gorgeous written all over you!

rainy day jacket

Who says all black raincoats are boring? Take inspo from this one right here with a classy belt cinched at the waist. A sure shot cover up for your rainy day look, this jacket is certainly going to up your fashion ante!

rainy day jeans

Rains are for bright, happy colours. So wear a yellow or mustard rain jacket like this one with mom jeans and heeled loafers. Just tie a messy bun to keep your hair from getting drenched. What’s not to love!

rainy day formal look

Think you’re all about fun prints? Get a rain coat with a fun print on it. Wear it over a dress or a formal look on your way to work. We promise—you’ll make quite a few co-workers green with envy!

rainy day footwear

Want some footwear inspiration for the rainy day? Try thigh high PVC boots that while protecting your feet will also up your glam quotient when you pair it with your favourite mini skirt. Oh and don’t forget that perfect pedicure that’ll peek through your boots. So hawt!

rainy day street style look

For a dramatic street style rainy day look, wear a full length voluminous rain trench coat with your pants showing just a wee bit. Carry a weather friendly bag to finish out the look. With your hair tucked into the jacket or tie a ponytail!

rainy day high boots

If red is your favourite colour? Try this look right here. Pair a trench raincoat with a striped top showing through and red knee-high boots!

Image credits: Pinterest