2014 surely had great fashion trends. But there were also those not-so-great ones! We came across quite a few that were pretty unappealing. If you are one of those who hates overtly ripped denim or the 90s ditsy prints, this one’s for you.

2014 fashion trends we hope never make a comeback dropped overall 430x550

Dropped overalls

Hollywood celebrities – They started this style trend. Not only do they look ugly but they also scream desperately for attention. Plus, who wants a heap of baggage hanging from the bust line. Never, never!

2014 fashion trends leggings as pants 430x550

Leggings as pants

Sure a short top with leggings looks amazing, but only when the material of the leggings is thick enough to hide your panty lines and make your butt appear more toned. To top it all, the trend got even worse where short tops were worn with bold prints.

2014 fashion trends ripped jeans 430x550

Overtly ripped and torn denim

The showing of the knees through the jeans and the overtly ripped denim from all sides! I think we should all repeat, “Less is more”.

2014 fashion trends maxis with minis 430x550

Maxis with minis

We agree that it looks sexy when the legs and the mini skirt are seen through a sheer panel. The problem occurs when the mini skirt is so short that it reveals....well....almost everything! Oops!

2014 fashion trends we hope never make a comeback 90s ditsy print 430x550

90s ditsy print

Not-so-appealing on Indian body types, the 90s ditsy print trend make bodies appear huger. Why not stick to mid-size and large prints or even prints that suit us? After all, it’s all about personal style! Right?